Basic Marketing Techniques For A Local Business

In this post I want to outline some basic marketing techniques which would be suitable for a small local business.

I had my hair cut yesterday in the same place I’ve been going to for years.

Are they particularly good?

No not really but I get on very well with the woman who cuts my hair and I look OK when I come out.

Unfortunately I reckon the business is in danger of going under simply because they don’t have enough customers.

This is leading to the classic downward spiral.

There isn’t enough money coming in so they don’t invest in the fabric of the building, but they’ve whacked up the prices and stopped taking credit cards.

You get the idea?

So why is this business in trouble?

You guessed it – because they don’t do anything to promote or market the place.

It’s a very simple business and a few very basic marketing techniques would get people coming through the door again.

Hairdressing is the classic sort of business where if you get them in once and they like the experience, they’ll come back time and again.

So what basic marketing techniques should they be using?

I won’t even bother to talk about a website, which of course they haven’t got.

  1. A customer database would be the most sensible place to start – segmented into women and men and then by the kind of service they have and the regularity they visitOnce they have that they should send out an email a week or two before the customer normally visits to remind them to book an appointment.

Of course in this post GDPR world they would need to get consent before they start communicating with them.

2.They could also at the same time do an upsell and make a special offer on hair colouring or some other complicated process that women have done to their hair that that segment isn’t currently buying but would be relevant to them.

3.Then I would suggest a referral scheme, in which existing customers refer new customers with a significant discount off their first visit and also provides the referrer with a worthwhile benefit.

4.Another obvious technique would be to launch a loyalty scheme. Once the customer has received say 5 stamps on their loyalty card they would be eligible either for a discount or some other benefit.

5.And the last super simple, old school technique that would definitely deliver new customers would be a good old fashioned door drop.

If they distributed 1000 or 2000 leaflets to near- by houses with a powerful incentive they would without doubt generate a load of new customers so that next time I have my hair cut I’m not the only person in there.

These are all old style, basic marketing techniques but they would be the right solution for the business in its current state.

It’s not about doing whizzy new stuff. It’s about doing the right stuff.

If you have a business which is crying out for some hard hitting marketing help, get in touch by emailing me on mikejennings@marketingsurrey.co.uk or calling 014183 200387.