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Generate Regular Repeat Income

If you can find a way to tie customers to your business and generate regular repeat income, you will create a wonderfully secure basis for your business. I had to buy a new printer recently. Printers are a classic market where the hardware is cheap as chips but then the companies make their money on […]


Make It Clear What Your Brand Stands For

  Within the crowded markets we all operate in, it’s vital that you make it clear what your brand stands for. Wimbledon’s just recently finished but raised an issue that I want to look at today. Because the World Cup and Wimbledon overlapped there was a debate about whether Wimbledon were going to show the […]


A Small Business Digital Marketing Strategy

I had a meeting last week with a guy whose business is virtual offices, who needed a small business digital marketing strategy. Basically for a monthly fee, he provides a prestigious central London address, a telephone answering service, mail forwarding and meeting room facilities. A perfect set up for someone who wants to project the […]