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Some Important Marketing Lessons

I received some important marketing lessons last week. I came home one day to find a large, flat, brown box on the door mat. It was from a company called Bloom and Wild and it was obvious that it contained flowers. Assuming they were for my wife, I was very surprised to find they were […]


Classic Marketing Mistakes Of Small Businesses

I was reminded of the classic marketing mistakes small businesses make on a recent family holiday in India. In India, you know you’re going to get constantly hassled by people trying to sell you cheap tat. Their approach always reminds me of the marketing mistakes of so many small businesses, which is why so many […]


Marketing Success – The Key Ingredients

What are the key ingredients for marketing success. I’m going to explain by using the example of the England rugby team Now I’m a big rugby fan. I had been really looking forward to last Saturday’s England/Wales game. In the first two games of this year’s Six Nations Championship England had been really good. When […]


Landing Pages That Convert

It’s vital that your landing  pages convert visitors to enquirers and customers. So while the key first stage in the process is getting the click, converting the click is just as important, if not even more so. So what makes good landing pages? Firstly I think it would be helpful to identify exactly what landing […]


Facebook Ads Are Different

Facebook Ads are different to Google Ads and your approach should be too. However both are great ways to generate leads and lead generation is the key marketing challenge for most SMEs. Obviously each lead has to be converted, but generating the lead in the first place is still the primary issue. A high converting […]


The Easiest Way To Increase Average Spend

Average spend is a key metric for small businesses and one of the key levers for growing a business. My business is all about growing my clients’ businesses. Growing their turnover and their profit. I’m sure you’re aware that there are only 4 ways to grow your business. Increase the number of customers Increase the […]


Creating Your Marketing Plan

I was on a webinar last week about creating a marketing plan. What made it interesting was the planning process was built around the jobs your marketing has to achieve. It was basically a five step process, where your marketing has to take someone who is completely unaware of your business and turn them into […]

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Make Sure You’re Visible On Google

Making sure you’re visible on Google must be a key priority for small businesses. This is perhaps the most important single thing you can do to ensure your business performance in 2019. It’s very easy these days to get carried away with the latest shiny toys and think that you’ve got to get into the […]


The Importance Of Creative Thinking

Creative thinking and thinking differently are vitally important in marketing. Following the herd and doing what everyone else does will give you the results everyone else gets. Surely that’s not what you want? A classic example of this is Christmas cards. I pity the poor postmen at this time of year. Struggling round the houses, […]