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Make Sure You’re Visible On Google

Making sure you’re visible on Google must be a key priority for small businesses. This is perhaps the most important single thing you can do to ensure your business performance in 2019. It’s very easy these days to get carried away with the latest shiny toys and think that you’ve got to get into the […]


The Importance Of Creative Thinking

Creative thinking and thinking differently are vitally important in marketing. Following the herd and doing what everyone else does will give you the results everyone else gets. Surely that’s not what you want? A classic example of this is Christmas cards. I pity the poor postmen at this time of year. Struggling round the houses, […]


The Objective Of Your Marketing

What’s the objective of your marketing? I would assume it’s to win and retain new customers. There are a number of steps which need to be gone through before someone decides to become a customer. I’m talking about the “Know, Like, Trust” process. To this end I send out an email to my database every […]


Classic Marketing Mistakes

Theresa May has been guilty of some classic marketing mistakes recently. I’m referring to her trip around the country trying to sell her Brexit deal to the people. I really wouldn’t suggest that you get her to do your marketing as I see two classic mistakes in what she’s doing. The wrong target audience She’s […]


The Right Kind Of Marketing For A Small Business

Nothing highlights the difference between small business marketing and corporate marketing more than the annual John Lewis Christmas ad. This has become an annual phenomenon. All the other retailers release their ads but we all wait for John Lewis’s. In case by any chance you haven’t seen this year’s, here it is: https://jland.partners/2qWsv5O So is […]


The Best Way To Sell

What is the best way to sell? Once you’ve learnt the best way to sell, business becomes so much easier. The sad truth is that most people are rubbish at sales. Why? Because they’re selling. While most people love to buy they hate being overtly sold to. Traditionally selling is all about overcoming objections, pushing […]

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Traditional And Digital Marketing

It’s great in my job when traditional and digital marketing work together. I went to see the most niche business you can imagine the other day. They’re a start-up hiring out gowns for student graduation ceremonies. Certain elements of their marketing are very straight forward. Their target audience couldn’t be any more clearly defined –  […]

The Importance of Marketing Regularly

The importance of marketing regularly cannot be overstressed. Why? Because a major problem that small businesses suffer from is that nobody knows they exist. If every company in your target audience within a thirty mile radius knew about your business and how you could help them, do you think you would do more business? Of […]


Re-Building Your Brand

How do you go about re-building your brand, if for some reason it’s become tired or tarnished? The example I’m going to use is the England football team and what happened at the World Cup last summer. The England football brand has suffered badly over the years due to poor performances and badly behaved players […]