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Traditional And Digital Marketing

It’s great in my job when traditional and digital marketing work together. I went to see the most niche business you can imagine the other day. They’re a start-up hiring out gowns for student graduation ceremonies. Certain elements of their marketing are very straight forward. Their target audience couldn’t be any more clearly defined –  […]

The Importance of Marketing Regularly

The importance of marketing regularly cannot be overstressed. Why? Because a major problem that small businesses suffer from is that nobody knows they exist. If every company in your target audience within a thirty mile radius knew about your business and how you could help them, do you think you would do more business? Of […]


Re-Building Your Brand

How do you go about re-building your brand, if for some reason it’s become tired or tarnished? The example I’m going to use is the England football team and what happened at the World Cup last summer. The England football brand has suffered badly over the years due to poor performances and badly behaved players […]


A Marketing Masterclass

I received a marketing masterclass  the other day. A flyer came through the door that ticked so many marketing boxes that I wanted to share it. It was from a company called The Eve Mattress and guess what – they sell mattresses. So what made it a marketing masterclass? Clear design The design and text […]


Your Customer Proposition

Your customer proposition is one of the key determinants of your business success. Last Friday I was working with a Client who has a couple of businesses. I have already done the website for one of his businesses and am now starting on the second. The first part of the process is to develop the […]


Write Headlines That Demand Attention

The ability to write headlines that demand attention and make readers take action, is a key marketing skill. I came back from holiday recently. You know what it’s like when you’ve been away – your email inbox is full of absolute crap. I had best part of 1000 emails and it took me most of […]


The Secrets Of An Effective Marketing Funnel

  The benefit of having an effective marketing funnel is when you get new prospect and you don’t have to do any selling.   You speak to your prospect and they’ve decided in advance that they want to do business with you.   They’ve pre-sold themselves.   I had one the other week.   The […]

Generate Regular Repeat Income

If you can find a way to tie customers to your business and generate regular repeat income, you will create a wonderfully secure basis for your business. I had to buy a new printer recently. Printers are a classic market where the hardware is cheap as chips but then the companies make their money on […]


Make It Clear What Your Brand Stands For

  Within the crowded markets we all operate in, it’s vital that you make it clear what your brand stands for. Wimbledon’s just recently finished but raised an issue that I want to look at today. Because the World Cup and Wimbledon overlapped there was a debate about whether Wimbledon were going to show the […]


A Small Business Digital Marketing Strategy

I had a meeting last week with a guy whose business is virtual offices, who needed a small business digital marketing strategy. Basically for a monthly fee, he provides a prestigious central London address, a telephone answering service, mail forwarding and meeting room facilities. A perfect set up for someone who wants to project the […]