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The Importance Of Proactive Marketing

I can’t stress enough the importance of proactive marketing Too many businesses are reactive – they have no plan of how they’re going to generate customers, They don’t take responsibility for their marketing and therefore for their success. Two businesses have already closed down this year on a little parade quite close to where I […]


Your Attention To Detail

Your attention to detail will make a massive difference to both your marketing and to your business. My wife and I were away last week in the West Country. We stayed mainly in B&Bs which were generally really nice. To get traffic to their websites, they have to be on the major portals – Booking.com […]


Product Sampling

Product sampling, allowing your prospects to sample your product or service is a vital part of the marketing process. This was graphically demonstrated to me just last weekend. My eldest daughter is getting married next May. Incredibly you have to sort everything out about a year in advance otherwise everything’s booked up. So last Sunday […]


Marketing Your Business

Marketing your business is just the same as politicians selling themselves to their electorate. This is very relevant right now in the wake of Theresa May’s resignation. Now starts a mad rush by innumerable Conservative nobodies for the top job. God knows why anyone would want it. To get elected each one will have to […]


Your Marketing Machine

You want your marketing to work like a well oiled marketing machine. You set it up and your marketing happens automatically. I compare your marketing to a machine such as a bike. I took my bike in for a tune up recently. In the shop they will have looked at all the key issues – […]


The Marketing Process

The marketing process can be broken down into a few clearly defined steps. At this time of year when Spring is springing, you can see how the marketing process is similar to the process of nature especially of growing vegetables. You see there are four stages to growing veg: Preparing the ground and getting ready […]


Free Information

Giving away free information is something many people aren’t sure about. My contention is that giving should start at work in your business. So what am I talking about? I’m talking about one of the most counter intuitive but in fact best business strategies that you should be using and that is giving away your […]


Two Important Marketing Principles

Two important marketing principles occurred to me as I watched the London Marathon last weekend. When fun runners start their training, my guess is that they’re quite apprehensive and not convinced that competing is really such a good idea. Isn’t that the way lots of small business owners feel about their marketing. But the runners […]

The Rules Of Marketing

It’s vital that you understand and adhere to the rules of marketing. In other areas of life rules may be there to be broken. A headline in the Times earlier this week read: Tory Brexiteers rewrite the rules in fresh bid to oust Theresa May Basically sections of the Conservative party are so desperate to […]


Facebook Ads Need A Different Strategy

Facebook Ads is of course a Pay Per Click advertising platform but it’s very different to Google Ads. With Google people are actively looking for a solution to their problem. So advertisers can basically say “here’s what I’ve got, come and buy it”. Facebook Ads is very different. People aren’t searching. They’re scrolling through their […]