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7 Top Tips For Blogging Heaven

These days blogging has come to be seen as an essential part of a business’s communication and marketing arsenal.

However it only becomes a powerful tool if people read it, become loyal to it and act as a result of it.

Make your blog work hard

The following tips are designed to make your blog a more useful and powerful weapon.

1. Make your posts useful and relevant

Business people read blogs in order to learn – new viewpoints, new skills and information that will benefit their business.

So make sure your blogs contain useful information that your readers can take away and use.

2. Focus on your readers

If you  want your readers to engage with your posts, you need to focus on issues which are important to them. It’s like any business – you need to be customer focused and give them what they want.

Where you can add real value is when you personalise your posts – when you include your own experiences and your own view points. This is what can make your posts unique. Without these inputs the same information can probably be found elsewhere online – it’s the personal experience and views which can make your posts so valuable.

The trick is to give your audience the information they want but with your own personal spin.

3. You need to blog frequently and consistently

One of the key elements if you want to build a loyal readership is the frequency with which you blog. Whether you blog every day, twice a week or only once a week, you need to be putting up new content on a regular basis. You also ideally will commit to a set regularity so that your readers know when they can expect to find something new. If your readers visit your site a few times and find nothing new, you can’t be very surprised if they lose interest. When you publish posts infrequently, it’s almost like starting from zero each time. There’s little if any momentum and momentum is essential if you want to grow your readership.

4. Write as you speak

In my opinion this point doesn’t just relate to blogs but is relevant to most copy writing – whether that be for websites, brochures and flyers or direct mail. Conversational writing is much easier to read than formalised language.

Have you ever noticed that when you read good copy, it almost feels like you can hear the writer speaking to you? That’s because these writers have discovered, that when you write similarly to the way you speak, you make it easier for people to connect with the person behind your posts.

5. Add personality to your posts

If you add nothing new, no individual perspectives, you give people nothing to connect with.  Always look for a way to add something of your own, something that shows your readers what you think and what you feel about the topic. In this way you can position yourself as a leader in your field, with whom readers are much more likely to want to do business.

6. Don’t sell too much

Of course we all write business blogs with the objective of building our businesses. Personally I overtly sell very little. I try to demonstrate my knowledge and expertise in my blog so that readers perceive me as an expert so when they need marketing services they think of me.

People read blogs to gain information and opinions – not to be sold to. So if you do plan to sell directly from your blog, be careful to get the balance right. Make sure the reader still gets plenty of informational value between the sales messages.

7. Use your blog to build relationships

The best blogs are the ones that receive lots of comments. If you receive comments this gives you the opportunity to interact with the commenter. In this way you can start to build rapport and  a relationship.

So one of the basic rules of blogging is that you should reply to all serious comments. Now of course you may not agree with the comments, but you should reply respectfully. They’ve taken the trouble to make a comment, you owe them the politeness to respond. In this way you can start a dialogue and who knows where that dialogue may take you.

I hope you find these tips useful and they help to make your blog a useful and hard working part of your communication and marketing strategy.