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7 Tips On How You Can Improve Your Internet Presence

These days your internet presence is vital aspect of your  small business marketing. Here are seven tips which will help you improve your online presence and so increase the number of enquiries you generate.

Write your copy exclusively for your target customer
If you have an accurate profile for your prospective customers, you know what they want and need and what will motivate them. Armed with this information you can tailor your copy to press their hot buttons. Make sure your copy is full of the words “you” and “yours” as opposed to “we” and “our”.

Use your website to generate contact details
Realistically the chances of everyone who comes to your website getting in contact with you are zero. But the fact that they’ve come to your website indicates that they are prospects so if you can get their contact details, you can market to them in the future. You therefore need “lead bait” – to offer them something of enough value that they will give you their contact details. This can be a special report or white paper, maybe a discount voucher or you could offer them some physical product as an incentive.

Update your site regularly
Whether you have a News section on your website or a blog or both it’s really important to keep them both updated. What kind of message does it send out if the newest news you’ve got is months out of date or if you only update your blog every few months. Not only does it make a bad impression on your readers, but it doesn’t impress Google either.

Blogging isn’t for everyone
Blogging has great benefits if you do it well but not everyone likes writing or is very good at it. If your blog posts are badly written or just dull they’re not going to do anything for your business. If this is the case, you’re better off forgetting about blogging and concentrating on other things.

Use video on your website
Video introduces personality to your site. In 60 or 90 seconds you can say a lot about your business and about yourself in an engaging and appealing way. Remember plenty of people prefer to receive information in audio visual form than in written form.

Think before you link
We all want inbound links but they have to be from the right kind of source. Before you set up reciprocal links, consider the linking site carefully. What does it say about you if you’re linked to unprofessional sites.

Reply to blog comments
If readers comment on your blog, you owe it to them to reply. In this way you can strengthen budding relationships and turn casual readers into raving fans.

Following these seven simple points will enhance your online