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5 Simple Secrets To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

So, you’re a regular blogger, writing high quality content. Obviously you want to drive as many readers to your blog as possible.

There are lots of ways to drive traffic to your blog – social media being one of the most important. So you put out a tweet on Twitter with a link to the blog post and what happens?

Very little.

So why is this? You’ve got hundreds and maybe even thousands of followers. Why didn’t a substantial quantity click on the link?

Now of course at any one time not all your followers will actually have seen the tweet even if you repeated it several times.

However the main problem will be that your blog title or headline wasn’t compelling enough to persuade your followers to click on the link. We all only have so much time to devote to Twitter and we will only invest time in blogs which really attract and interest us.

The headline or blog title are the single most important part of a blog post in the same way that it is on an advertisement. The headline opens the door to the content. If the headline doesn’t hit the spot, then the chances of your content being read are greatly reduced.

5 Secrets For Successful Headlines

So if we take the title of this blog as our example, we’ll look at how you should write your blog titles.

Make the reader curious

The headline has made a promise but not given the answer. To find out what the five secrets are the reader has to click the link. The more you can arouse someone’s curiosity the more chance you have of making them take action.

The headline was relevant to my target audience

The headline relates to a marketing issue and the people I want to attract are interested in marketing. Marketing is all about relevance.

The headline made a compelling promise

The headline promised that by following the link, readers would get valuable and useful information that will help them solve a genuine problem. Of course the article must then deliver against the promise the headline makes.

The headline says it is easy

We’re talking 5 simple secrets. This isn’t going to be complicated and require specialist knowledge and skills and of course if people think something is going to be simple you are much more likely to get people taking action.

The headline is written in plain English

Many people believe the way to generate internet traffic is to stuff your headlines with key words. If you write for search engines as opposed to people, your text will read poorly and will act in absolutely the opposite way to what I’m suggesting.

So make sure you devote time to creating compelling headlines as they will definitely attract more readers.