5 Myths About Blogging

Just like your home page, blogs are an important tool for the success of your business.

Even though blogs have been around for years, people still have a lot of misconceptions about them. They’re too hard to write, some will say, or I have nothing to blog about, others complain.

Working as a marketing consultant in Surrey, I think it’s time to set the record straight and debunk many of the top blogging myths I hear regularly.

After reading this, you might even decide you want to start your own blog!

  1. You Have To Write All The Time

The more you write, the better. But there is an important factor I think needs noting: quality beats quantity every time.

Helpful, informative, well written posts are what you’re aiming for.

If your website and blog combination leaves a good impression, it’s more likely that your readers will be inclined to do business with you.

The best thing to do is get some blog content up there, even if it’s just a few posts.

  1. You Have To Be A Great Writer

Trust me, you don’t have to have an English degree to be a blogger.

What matters more is that you can get your point across to your reader, giving them important and useful information.

Writing well can help your communication, but it’s an added value to a post, not a necessity of blogging.

  1. Blogging Is Separate From Social Media or SEO

Some businesses think that they would like to do a social media campaign or improve their SEO, but they don’t want to address the blog issue.

I need to inform you that blogging is an integral part of an effective social media campaign.

Sharing the headline and link for your recent blog post is the perfect excuse to get in front of potential customers on social media, bringing them to your site to read that blog post.

From there, it’s only a few short clicks to your contact page.

Great blog posts that get shared are the best thing you can do for your SEO strategy!

  1. Constantly Writing Posts About Your Business

I understand why people may think this, but continually writing about yourself isn’t going to help you.

Your customers will have questions and problems, so by writing about these issues, the blogs become more important, effective, and most importantly useful to your customers.

It’s good to write about your company every now and then, but the main ideas for your blogging should cover the main pain points your customers have.

  1. You Don’t Need A Blog

I think this is one of the worst myths regarding blogging for businesses.

Unless your company isn’t embracing the web as an important marketing tactic, then blogs can help the sales of a business.

Blogs should inform and engage with customers, feeding them details and answering questions in a fun way.

If you want to find out more about blog content and how I can help to grow your business, get in touch with me by emailing mikejennings@marketingsurrey.co.uk or give me a call on 01483 200387.