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5 Key Tips For Building Your Prospect List

I’m sure you’re very aware of the importance of building a large, opted in prospect list.

Once you have your prospect list, it feeds into your sales funnel and your marketing works on auto pilot.

You set up a system which drives prospects to your website, they opt in to your list, they then receive a sequence of emails from your auto responder after which they go onto your email list to receive your regular email marketing until they are ready to buy.

Simple really.

Each part of the process is really important but possibly the vital part is persuading website visitors to opt in to your list.

So the question is what can you do to increase the numbers opting in and so speed up building your list?

There are several factors which influence your opt in rate.

Offer something of real value as your lead magnet

For people to decide to give you their contact details, you have to offer something they genuinely want.

So ask yourself “what is the single greatest problem that my prospects have that I can help them with”.

Once you’ve identified that, write a free report or a white paper on the subject and offer it for free.

Position it in a compelling manner

The words you use to sell the free report and the title you give it are vital.

Which would motivate you more?

“Download your free business growth report”   or

“Discover the 7 simple secrets that could easily double your profits in the next 90 days”

Limit the amount of information you ask for

Of course we’d all like comprehensive information about the prospect and his or her business but the more information you demand, the lower your take up rate.

The very minimum you need is the email address. Personally I also request the email address, so that I can personalise the follow ups.

While it’s tempting to request the phone number as well, this will seriously reduce the number of sign ups.

The position of your sign up box

Assuming that getting contact details is either the primary or one of the primary objectives of the website, position the sign up box in the most prominent place on the page.

Top right hand corner is where the eye automatically falls so this is where you should put it.

You shouldn’t limit the sign up box to just the home page. Make sure you have it on every page of the website especially the blog page.

The wording on the button

Even the wording on the button will influence your sign up rate.

You want to use positive, affirmative words

“Yes please rush me my report”

But it’s not just the words that count. The colour will have an impact as well.

Make the button stand out from the surrounding colours. Bright green works well as does bright blue.

Implement all these points and you can be confident that you will be generating the optimum number of sign ups.

Of course if you want more information or some help doing it, give me a call.