4 Ways To Boost Email Click-Through Rates

There are many hurdles to jump when it comes to email marketing.

Many marketers, rightly so, put a great deal of focus into a compelling subject line and interesting content.

While these are important, it’s equally necessary to make sure you’ve considered your click-through rate, and have done everything you can to ensure the highest number of clicks possible.

Having customers interact with your email promotes better engagement for your marketing and can lead to more sales and business.

With this in mind, here are four ways to boost email click through rates.

1. Add Links to All Pictures

If you want people to click through to a link in your email then avoid only offering the link once.

You should incorporate the link as often as you can, and one really subtle way to do this is to make sure any images within the email have the link added.

Many people are more enticed to click on images than text, so you could see a huge increase with this simple tip.


2. Make Your Call to Action Compelling

Rather than a simple line of text for your call to action, try a more attractive and compelling tactic.

Colourful buttons and arrows are one way to catch the eye and can be really effective at making sure customers do what you’re asking of them.

Be it ‘Buy now’, ‘Contact us’ or ‘Find out more’, a little effort goes a long way.


3. Make Everything Mobile Friendly

It’s really important to ensure all emails are mobile friendly. The number of people who check their emails on a mobile device has grown in recent years.

It’s equally important that the site your customers will click through to is mobile friendly, as well.


4. Add Social Graphics

A small social media icon at the bottom of an email can produce surprisingly high click through rates. Link any social media accounts associated with your business at the very end of your email.

Many people are interested in at least one social media platform, and this is a great way to build your following outside of emails and boost that click-through!


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