Your 4-Step Guide to Building an Effective Marketing Plan for 2018

With 2017 coming to an end, it’s the perfect chance to take a step back, reassess your goals and set plans for 2018.

Having a suitable plan in place is the most effective way to have a clear marketing focus and to be able to track results throughout the year.

Better yet, creating a marketing plan doesn’t even have to be complicated. Here’s a straightforward four-step plan to get you on the right path.


1. Carry Out a Current Assessment

The first thing you need to do to look at your current situation.

Make a note of what’s worked and what hasn’t as well as what you’ve spent.

Essentially, you need to build a thorough picture of your current marketing efforts and spot areas of weakness and opportunity.

2. Establish Your Goals

Next, you need to put together a list of goals you want to hit during 2018.

That could be to reach “x” more customers, to get your product into “y” more retail outlets, or to earn “z” amount more money.

Be ambitious, but realistic. These goals will be unique to your business so no one else can tell you what they should be.

3. Build Strategies

Based on all of your previous marketing efforts and your newly set 2018 goals, it’s time to build some strategies that will get you there.

These strategies need to be as specific as possible and they also need to be prioritised in order of which ones need focusing on first to start driving results.

4. Allocate the Funds

Now you know what you need to achieve, and how you are going to go after it, set a marketing budget to achieve these goals.

Too many businesses will set that budget first and then try and work to it.

Instead, you should be aware of exactly what you need to get done and how you will do it.

By acting now and drawing up your marketing plan for 2018, you are getting a head start on the competition.

After a well-earned Christmas break, you can attack 2018 and take your company to new heights. If you are looking to draw up a targeted and effective marketing plan, then it may be time to bring in a little outside help.

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