4 Classic Digital Marketing Mistakes

Digital marketing offers a whole world of opportunities.


But the fact is that very few businesses successfully utilise the internet successfully.


So what are the mistakes that you should ensure you’re not making?


#1 – They Are Not Building an Opted-In List


Over 99% of visitors leave websites without taking action.


This is a criminal waste.


Having deliberately searched out your website they leave without a trace.


But if you offer them something of value (a special report, a video etc) in exchange for their contact details you can start building a list and then begin marketing to them.


In this way you can start to build a relationship and when the time is right they may well buy from you.


#2 – They Don’t Communicate Regularly with Their List


Having built your list you must stay in touch with it.


You can build the relationship, show your expertise, make special offers, promote events etc.


You need to move prospects down the funnel and closer to making a purchase

Email Marketing

#3 – They Have a Poor Quality Website


You have around 8 seconds after people land on your website before they click away.


In that time your website has got to persuade them they’re in the right place.


There are two elements that will make them decide:

  1. Content – your website has got to have high quality content that demonstrates that you can solve your visitors’ problems.
  2. Design – how your website looks will influence the way people respond. While not getting in the way of function, a visually appealing website will be more effective than an ugly one.


#4 – They Don’t Have a Traffic Generation Strategy


A great website is useless if no one visits it.


So you must have a traffic generation strategy.


The primary traffic mechanisms are:


Pay Per Click – Google Adwords and Facebook advertising are the key PPC platforms.

The great thing with Adwords is that you can be on the front page of Google within minutes of setting up your campaign and it only costs when someone clicks on your ad.

Pay Per Click

Search Engine Optimisation – if you appear on the first page of the organic Google listings, you’ll get a regular stream of customers looking for what you sell.


But SEO takes longer to achieve good rankings than Adwords and Google is continuously changing the criteria it ranks websites on.


If you get these elements right, you will find your digital marketing will start delivering a regular stream of prospects.


However if you feel this all sounds too difficult and you want an expert to make sure it’s done right, give me a call on 01483 200387 or email me on mikejennings@marketingsurrey.co.uk.