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3 Common Misconceptions About SEO

SEO is an essential tool to the success of your website and therefore your business.

You can think of SEO as being like servicing your car – if you never had your car seen to, it would eventually break down, leaving you stranded.


However, as long as your car is regularly serviced, you won’t notice a huge change in the way your car works.


This is a little like the way in which SEO works – it needs to be implemented on an ongoing basis to make sure your site stays healthy.


But, as SEO continually evolves and changes, but as marketing consultant in Surrey   I hear many misconceptions and outdated ideas about SEO.

Desk with Notes About SEO

1 – Any Link is a Good Link


Links are important to the success of a site. Every external site that links to your site is letting Google know that yours is a reputable and relevant site.


In the past, people would have bought links from link farms to get as many links as possible.


However, Google is smarter than you may think. They quickly put an end to this practice with their Penguin update back in 2016.


This update means that backlinks are studied carefully – links from spammy sites or those that are completely irrelevant will be picked up by Google and could land you with a hefty penalty.


2 – Use a Keyword as Many Times as Possible to Climb Positions


This misconception dates back to the early days of SEO when you could hide keywords in the background of your site by using the same colour text as the background.


This hasn’t been an effective SEO method for a long time. In fact, quite the opposite is true.


As I’ve already stated, Google is smart and works hard to identify any black hat SEO practices.


The Google Panda algorithm was introduced to tackle poorly written content, picking up on keyword stuffing and imposing penalties on sites using these practices.

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3 – Not Everyone Needs SEO


I’m afraid if you have a website, you need SEO.


As I said, SEO is like servicing your car. It may look healthy on the surface, but if you do nothing to maintain it, you’re going to run into some pretty major problems.


I believe that SEO should be part of your larger marketing campaign. Content, social media and PPC all feed into a larger plan for your digital marketing and SEO is an essential part of this.


If you want to find out more about SEO and how I can help to progress your business, get in touch with me by emailing mikejennings@marketingsurrey.co.uk or give me a call on 01483 200387.