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25 Questions To Kick-Start Your Business!

Would you call yourself a creative person?

Creativity plays a big part in the development of any successful business.  In fact, your ability to creatively solve problems and spot opportunities will to a large part, determine just how successful you and your business will be.

One of the best ways to kick-start our creativity, is to ask ourselves questions, which lead us to creatively search for answers and new ideas.  So, here are 25 questions, designed to help you think creatively about the development of your business.

  1. What additional products or services can I offer to my existing customers?  Cross selling and up selling like this is the fastest and most cost effective way to grow your business.
  2. Am I fully utilising technology in my business?  Are there processes that I could streamline, which would give me more time to deal personally with my customers and prospective customers?
  3. How can I improve the way I deliver my services?
  4. Do I take time out, to thank people as often as I should?
  5. What new markets could use my products or services?
  6. How can I improve the quality of my products or services, so that they are of even more value to my customers?
  7. Am I associating with the right kind of people for what I want to achieve?
  8. What can I do to improve the visibility of my business?
  9. How can I reach more prospective clients with my marketing message?
  10. What’s the best way for me to encourage more people to refer me to their contacts?
  11. Which companies should I be looking to do some joint venture activity with and what will the benefits be?
  12. Am I limiting the development of my business, by not investing in professional help in areas where I am weakest?  If so, which area should I invest in first?
  13. How often do I ask my clients for their feedback, regarding the service they receive from me and what additional services they would like me to offer?
  14. When was the last time I sat down and studied my marketing goals?  If you have not got any written, measurable, specific marketing goals, stop reading this and write some down right now!
  15. Is it possible that my services are too similar to my competitors?  Most service providers look very alike, so the marketplace uses their fees as a way to judge their value.
  16. If my services do look too similar to my competitors, how can I differentiate myself, so that I have something uniquely valuable to bring to the marketplace?
  17. Do I get enough leads and enquiries via my website or blog? If not, how can I increase this, so my site becomes a lead generating machine for my business?
  18. Do I attract enough referrals?  If not, what is this telling me?
  19. How aware am I of my client’s problems and challenges?  You need to know what’s happening in your client’s world, if you want to be able to really help them.
  20. How many other websites link to my website.?  This is important, as inbound links account for the massive part of your search engine optimization (SEO)
  21. Am I working to a marketing strategy or I simply doing tactical marketing?
  22. Just how good is my customer service?  Remember, don’t compare yourself just with your competitors  – but to the best level of service you can possibly offer.
  23. Do I still have the same passion for my business that I used to have?  If the answer to this is no, get passionate again!
  24. Are my online marketing activities producing tangible results or just a ton of meaningless, social media numbers?  If you have the friends, followers and fans but not bankable results, perhaps you should review your strategy.
  25. Do I exceed people’s expectations?

So it’s time to get your creative head on and find some answers to these 25 questions. If you can find positive solutions to all 25 or even to the majority, you will be fantastically positioned to dramatically grow your business.