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2 Key Points To Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Small Business Marketing

To get the best response to your next piece of small business marketing, you should carefully consider the following two points.

1. Do you have permission to contact this person?

Historically marketing was predicated around interrupting people. You bought lists of names and then:

  • Phoned them up
  • Sent them direct mail

Now of course you can add email marketing to that list.

Response rates were always very low because these people had not requested information from you and so in all likelihood were not interested in what you’re selling. On the basis of probability one or two people out of a hundred might be interested, which means to make a profit you are going to need to be selling high margin items.

Dramatically more effective is to communicate with people you know or who have actively asked to receive information from you.

This kind of marketing, known as permission based marketing, delivers the kind of response rates that interruption marketing can’t touch. Building these opted in lists takes time, but they offer unparalleled potential for business owners seeking to earn the attention and trust of their marketplace.

2. Are you contacting them with information that they want or that you want them to hear?

Most marketing and especially small business marketing doesn’t reach its potential because too often it’s all about the sender and not the recipient.

The main problem is that most businesses operate in perpetual sales mode. Every communication is pushing something.

Now I’m not saying that you should never actively push your products. What I’m saying is how much more successful will your sales messages be if you have spent time building relationships with your audience, establishing your credibility and positioning yourself as the obvious and expert supplier in your market?
This means that many of your communications should provide useful and interesting  information to your audience which is of genuine value to them with no strings attached. You build your relationship while at the same time positioning yourself as an expert resource. When, at a later date, your services are needed where are they going to go?

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