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The Importance Of Testimonials

At the beginning of August, my family and I were in Edinburgh for the first two days of the Fringe Festival.


It really is an amazing event – over 3000 different shows over the course of a month.


The big difficulty is deciding what shows to go and see as you’ve absolutely no idea of what’s going to be good.


The shows are promoted primarily by people handing out flyers around the town.


Of course all the flyers say that the show is hilarious and that the performers have won all sorts of awards but of course, they’re going to say that.


So how are you meant to decide what to go and see?


Probably the most influential thing for me are the testimonials and reviews on the flyers – social proof.

Customer Satisfaction

A glowing review from a significant publication has a big impact. Positive testimonials from The Stage, The Daily Mail and Time Out influenced my decision on a couple of occasions.


The good news is that we only walked out of one show.


So my message to you is to remind you just how important testimonials are and how you should be using them in all your marketing collateral.


The most obvious place is your website.


I will always put a few testimonials on the home page as well as having a dedicated testimonials page.


The best kind of testimonial is a video testimonial.


Video testimonials get over the natural suspicion we have that testimonials may be made up.


Next best is a testimonial supported by a picture, the name, job title, and company.


Another problem is actually getting hold of testimonials.

customer testimonials

Occasionally customers will write one spontaneously but normally you will have to ask for them and even then they seldom get round to it.


The solution to this is to offer to draft something for your customer to approve.


You then write exactly what you want and they invariably approve it unamended.


I once wrote over 20 testimonials for a client’s website and I think all of them were approved exactly as they were.


Of course, a client will only approve testimonials they agree with, so there is nothing wrong with this method!


So remember social proof is your most persuasive salesman and you should use it in all your marketing materials.


You can read testimonials from my clients by visiting my testimonials page.


If your marketing is failing to sell your business effectively, you should talk to an expert.

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