Why Politics And Marketing Are Very Similar

Being a politician is very similar to being a business owner in many ways – the main difference being that we call our supporters customers and they call their supporters voters.

Ballot Box and marketing

Think about it.


Your marketing needs to create awareness, build relationships, develop trust and spell out why customers should choose you.


It’s exactly the same for politicians.


Political parties publish their manifestos, outlining what they’re going to do for the country.


For us small business owners, our manifesto is our customer proposition.


Your proposition must differentiate you from your competitors and tell prospects:

  • What you do
  • What problems in their lives you solve
  • What benefits you deliver
  • How you differ from your competitors
  • The ways that take away the risk of trading with you

Wouldn’t it be nice if the manifestos were set out as clearly and simply as that?

Manifesto and marketing

What’s in it for me


The fact is that most of us vote on purely selfish grounds – we vote for the party that will benefit us the most.


We look at manifestos and decide “what’s in it for me”.


That’s exactly how customers decide where they’re going to buy from.


So all your marketing communications must spell out exactly how your services will benefit your target audience, telling them exactly what’s in it for them.


This is also the reason you should niche your audiences as the benefits that you deliver to one group will probably be different to those you deliver to a different group.


While each of us can only have a tiny effect on the outcome of a general election,  I urge you to take control of the destiny of your business by ensuring that you’re consistently putting out the right messages to your electorate.

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