Why Your Marketing Must Be Regular And Consistent

The political turmoil in the UK over the last few months has been remarkable.


The lessons for business are obvious here.


If you offer your customers what they want to buy, they will reward you with their custom.

Sale Keypad

If, however, you offer them what you want to sell them, they may go elsewhere and find a different supplier.


The Tory approach smacked of arrogance and probably cost them an outright victory.


This brings me back to the issue of complacency and how this relates to your business and your marketing.


Many businesses are guilty of sporadic marketing.


How it works is that they do some marketing which generates an amount of business.


They then become complacent and stop the marketing while they tend to the new business.


After a while, they find they’re back where they started with no new business coming in so they restart the marketing.


A cycle.

Marketing Strategy

The upshot of this is that they’re continuously in a state of feast or famine, there’s never any certainty or security in the company and the business never actually grows.


Marketing should be a regular and ongoing commitment, which generates a constant supply of new customers.


In the ideal scenario, you will know that if you spend £x on marketing you will generate £y of new business.


The certainty allows you to plan your business, to grow it to whatever level is right for you.


The standard response I hear to this argument is “ I don’t have the time for that.”


This is where I come in because I can take that weight off your shoulders by running your marketing for you.


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