What Marketing And Football Have In Common

Football – some people love it and others hate it.

As they say “it’s a funny old game”.

When you come to think about it there are a lot of similarities between football and marketing – let me explain.

Football Stadium and marketing

  1. Consistency


Football teams are always looking for consistency. Being great one week and rubbish the next is no good.

It’s the same with marketing.

It’s no good marketing for a couple of weeks and then disappearing for several months.

Your customers and prospects have got to get to know you and to trust you which you can achieve by communicating regularly and consistently.

I email my list every Wednesday morning without fail.

If your marketing is reliable there’s a good chance your service will be reliable as well.


  1. Organisation

Football teams have to be organised and to have a plan.

Of course, it’s exactly the same with your marketing.

You must have a plan of what marketing activity you’re going to do, which will be designed to achieve the objectives you’ve set.

When I work with a client one of the first things I do is to create a plan so everyone knows exactly what we’re going to be doing over the next few months.


  1. Technical Excellence

Footballers must have the technical skills to control the ball and it’s this technical ability which differentiates the good players from the journeymen.

Marketing’s just the same.

Anyone can put a website up or write an email. But only the people with the technical knowledge and skill know how to structure their marketing pieces and the different elements that are needed to get responses from their marketing.


This is, even more, the case with digital marketing. Not only do you need all the skills of the traditional marketer, but you also need the IT knowledge to tweak our friend Google.

Football and marketing


  1. Teamwork

The importance of teamwork in football is obvious and it’s the same with marketing.

All your marketing has got to work synergistically together so each piece of activity dovetails together and enhances the other bits, consistently enhancing the message and the brand.

Online and offline must also work together. Google are big off line marketers, recognising how effective direct mail can be in driving traffic online.


  1. Inspiration

Football matches can often be changed by individual flashes of brilliance. To be successful your marketing doesn’t necessarily need to be brilliant but a small dose of inspiration can take your business to levels of super success.

The introduction of the meerkats by Compare The Market was a moment of inspiration, driving Compare The Market to the top of the comparison sites.

So if you recognise that your marketing is not in the premier league, get in touch on mikejennings@marketingsurrey.co.uk  or call me on 01483 200387.