The Importance Of Having A Marketing System

Getting new customers and clients should be easy.

But only if you’ve got what it takes.

And what does it take?

It takes a system.

So you’ve got a great product and lots of people would benefit from it.

All you’ve got to do is get the message out to the right people and social media in the shape of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc gives us access to millions of people at basically no cost.

That’s bound to bring you loads of customers, isn’t it?

Unfortunately not.

But you’re getting masses of “likes”, retweets, and connections. That’s got to generate stacks of new business, hasn’t it?

Unfortunately not.

It seems like virtually every day there are new ways to promote your business and they’re all clever and cutting edge. They’re bound to work.

Unfortunately not.

So what’s going wrong?

Social Media Likes

The Difference Between Activities and Systems

The problem is that they’re all “activities”.

Now to generate new business you’ve got to be active, but activities in isolation seldom result in people doing business with you.

Marketing systems do.

I’ll explain what I mean.

Let’s take Facebook “likes”. We’re always hearing that most people on the planet are on Facebook and the more “likes” you have, the more people you can communicate with.

Great but that’s where it falls apart.

Just because someone has liked your post doesn’t mean they’re going to buy something from you. People mistake “likes” and similar responses for a sign that people are going to do business with them.

Unfortunately, there’s more to it than that.

If someone’s liked your post they will have an amount of awareness of you and agree with what you’ve said, but that’s unlikely by itself to be enough to generate a purchase.

Social interaction is a good first step but it needs to be part of a larger system.

Let me show you how you can make social media fit into your marketing system.

Marketing Strategy

The Importance of Your Blog

Your blog needs to be a key element of your engagement strategy.

  1. Firstly you write a great blog post – something that will be of major interest to your social media contacts.
  2. You promote your blog post on social media in order to get the maximum amount of people to click through to read the whole thing.
  3. Your blog page will be set up to include your lead magnet (the item you offer for free) so that visitors will opt in to your list.
  4. Once they’re on your list they’re in your system.
  5. You can now start marketing to these prospects over time and so convert them into paying customers.

Remember it’s the people on your list, not your social media friends who will actually become customers.

Social media works best as a tool for getting people onto your list. It’s seldom a method for getting new customers by itself (of course it can be – just not very often.)

Effective marketing is about a sequence of communications, maybe over a range of different channels that work cumulatively together to convince prospects that they should do business with you.

Social Media Messages

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