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Why is Email Marketing So Important?

There are many different marketing channels to communicate with your audience.

A key one is email marketing.

Email marketing offers many benefits for your business. It helps you to build relationships with your audience, provide valuable content and demonstrate your expertise.

There are many factors that make email marketing so important.

Email Marketing

The Three Successful Elements

There are three elements for email marketing to be successful:

  • The subject line – more impactful subject lines increase open rates.
  • The structure – does the content keep you involved or engaged?
  • The call to action – is the action stated clearly and expressed in a way which encourages the recipients to take action?

It’s Affordable and Immediate

Email marketing is highly affordable.

Email marketing allows business owners to reach thousands of consumers which is great for small business owners on a budget.

It’s immediate – you press send and shortly afterwards it’s in your audience’s inbox.

Email marketing may be an old tactic but it remains a vital one.

Increases Brand Awareness

Social media isn’t the only marketing platform that contributes to a company’s brand awareness.

Having a customer’s email address means one thing; they showed interest in your business.

Using email marketing to promote your brand gives you the ability to increase this interest level.

Easy to Measure

Email marketing is easy to measure.

Most proprietary systems have tools which track what happens after sending out your email campaign, such as delivery, unsubscribe and open rates.

This gives you a better understanding of your email marketing and the levels of success.

It allows you to see what works and what doesn’t.

Email marketing allows you to get insights into your initiatives, which is key to improvement and success.

Staying in Contact with Your Audience

Providing informative, non spammy emails enables you to build positive relationships with the recipients so increasing loyalty to your business.

Email Marketing

A Personal Approach

Social media offers many benefits to your business but there are customers who may not use social media.

Providing a personal approach via email can help nurture campaigns increasing their effectiveness.

Email marketing is still a highly effective channel which all businesses should be using.

If you want to find out more about email marketing and how I can help to progress your business, get in touch with me by emailing mikejennings@marketingsurrey.co.uk or give me a call on 01483 200387.