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We all know the old adages about people doing business with people and business being all about relationships.

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Well both are true and even more so for small businesses.

But the fact is that modern technology is almost daily providing us with more tools which encourage us to communicate electronically through a screen.

First it was email. While email is undoubtedly a fantastic and indispensable tool I clearly remember when I worked in the corporate sector how people would email a colleague sitting just a few feet away. While email allows you time to express your thoughts in a clear and considered manner, it also allows you to hide away from personal contact.

Then came texting. Of course while it’s not used that widely in business it is very useful to find out what time you’ve got to pick up your kids from the station. Again it’s a great tool even if it is responsible for the desecration of the English language.

And more recently there has been the explosion of social media. Some people believe that the impact of the social media revolution will be even greater than the impact of the internet revolution of the last fifteen years. Whatever your personal feelings towards social media no one can afford to ignore it. It is here to stay and its impact and pervasiveness is only going to increase. But again it is contact through a screen.

The result of all this is that people are having fewer and fewer personal conversations and interactions. When you look back at the first sentence of this blog and remember that business is all about relationships  you should conclude that all us small business owners should get out from behind our screens and concentrate on getting face to face with our customers and prospects as much as we can.

While I often describe social networking as networking without having to get up early, I don’t believe it will ever be as effective as shaking hands with someone, looking them in the eye and developing a genuine human connection.

The point of this post is to reminder you that while modern digital communications have made our lives immeasurably easier, we shouldn’t hide behind our screens and that even more than ever we  need to get out there and develop real human relationships.

Business Development Advisors can help you grow  your business and take it on to the next level. If you’d like to find out more simply contact us through the contact page  Buy Xanax Perth

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Cheap Ambient Pedals

Today there is a host of technology driven ways to communicate with both your customers and your prospects without ever coming out from behind your desk. When we have smart phones, social media, email, video conferencing, webinars etc, etc why should we ever set foot outside of the office.

Soma 350 Mg Narcotic

The answer is simple.

While communicating online is fast and convenient, it’s simply not as effective as meeting up with your prospects.

Do you remember after 9/11 nobody flew for a month or two. Eventually people realized that their sales were suffering and that nothing is as effective as meeting face to face.

Attention Please!

The fact is if you want to make an impact there’s no substitute for staring into your prospect’s eyes. Even the most well-crafted sales letter or email can’t create the impact of a salesperson in the flesh.

There’s also the problem of gaining and holding attention. While your prospect is digesting your message, they’re likely to be checking email, hanging out on Facebook, and watching a video on Youtube.

Trust And Confidence

While e-commerce is growing rapidly, buying from an unknown online resource is still a bit of a leap of faith. There’s nothing like a handshake and some good, old-fashioned eye contact to help build credibility. It’s much easier to gain your prospects’ trust when you get up close and personal.

Instant Feedback

Another benefit of sitting in front of your prospects is the instant feedback you get on how you’re doing. Body language, tone of voice and facial expressions give you clues of how your pitch is going down. Even when you’re talking on Skype, it’s hard to pick up on these non-verbal clues.

Building Rapport

Traditional meetings are vital in building rapport. They allow you to make those crucial personal connections. Remember people do business with people they like and building this sort of relationship over the internet is very difficult.

Your Customer Service

What do your customers think about a business that’s too busy to invest time in them? If you’re not willing to spend the time, you send the message that you’re not that interested generally. On the other hand, a company that always makes an effort to meet customers face to face is obviously committed to doing whatever is necessary to win and retain their business.

Technology is a great enabler, but it still doesn’t replace the personal touch of face to face meetings. And it’s this personal touch which is essential in creating strong relationships with your prospects and your customers.